Mainframe Security & Compliance

Address growing security threats and escalating regulatory requirements

Get a true 360-degree view of all your IT systems

Address Growing Security and Regulatory Requirements

The mainframe is still the most secure, reliable and compliant computing platform, but growing security threats from inside and outside the corporate firewall along with escalating regulatory requirements, mean now more than ever organisations cannot afford to be complacent about mainframe security.

  • Legacy mainframe security software is often complex, resource-intensive and requires specialised skill sets
  • Greater penalties for non-compliance with the growing volume of governmental regulations and industry standards
  • Increasingly complex IT environments mean mainframe data must be included in the same central security console used by the rest of the organisation

Get a True 360-degree View of all Your IT Systems

For organisations with mainframes, there can be no holistic Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) strategy without including mainframe data. Syncsort Ironstream bridges the gap, enabling you to collect and forward z/OS security data in real-time to Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security for a true 360-degree view of your IT infrastructure.

  • Collect critical mainframe logs such as SMF records (more than 40 types), Syslogs, SyslogD, RACF, Top Secret, log4j, DB2
  • Easily monitor, visualise and correlate with data from other platforms for powerful reporting and real-time alerts
  • Users no longer require mainframe access or specialised expertise in using mainframe tools
  • Cover all the bases - intrusion detection, login tracking, account activity, network traffic analysis, compliance reporting and more

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