Data Integration Optimisation

Accelerate Informatica and DataStage performance

Reduce complexity and cost in your existing data integration environment

Maximise the Return on Your Existing ETL Environment

Many organisations have spent significant time and effort implementing their existing data integration environments – with software such as Informatica, DataStage and others.

However, as data volumes grow and processing windows shrink, many of these platforms become exponentially more expensive to scale and maintain.

Syncsort’s Data Integration Optimisation Solution helps maximise the return on your ETL investments by keeping your existing infrastructure and simply shifting the heavy transformation workloads to Syncsort DMX.

  • Seamlessly accelerate performance up to 10x
  • Scale linearly from gigabytes, to petabytes
  • Eliminate constant tuning

Up to 10x Faster Performance – No Tuning Required

Most data integration and ETL tools have historically focused on developing a growing stack of functionality, while neglecting performance at scale.

Users are then forced to implement costly and inefficient workarounds – constant tuning, adding hardware and pushing transformations down to the database – to overcome their performance challenges.

 Syncsort’s Data Integration Optimisation solution features:

  • Smart ETL Optimiser for up to 10x faster elapsed times than Informatica or DataStage with no need for manual, ongoing tuning
  • Data transformations are processed on the fly, reducing complexity and freeing up database resources for faster user queries

Learn the 5 Must Have ETL Features

Get the Ultimate Checklist for High-Performance ETL

Whether you're dealing with petabytes of data, or just a few gigabytes, the sad truth is that most of it's going to waste if you don't have the right tools. High costs, endless tuning and performance limitations all stand in the way of realising real business insights.

But it doesn't have to be that way – whether or not you already have a set of ETL and Data Integration tools, this checklist will help you assess high-performance data integration solutions that stand up to today’s challenges.

Download this guide to learn how to evaluate solutions based on:

  • Developer productivity
  • Dynamic optimisation
  • Scalable architecture
  • Pervasive connectivity
  • High-speed compression

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