Trillium Software System

Improve data quality and make better business decisions

Get real-time access to trusted data

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Improve Data Quality and Make Better Business Decisions

Your business success depends on accurate data. But often, critical business information is trapped in separate silos, recorded in unstandardised formats, and is inaccessible to those who need it most. This diminishes the quality of your customer experience, hinders operational efficiency and threatens regulatory compliance.

The Trillium Software System rapidly transforms your data into trusted business information to support strategic initiatives across your organisation such as:

  • Data governance
  • Customer 360
  • Data validation
  • Data enrichment
  • and more...

Rapidly Discover Hidden Insights in Your Data

Get Real-Time Access to Trusted Data

Recognised by Gartner as a leader in data quality tools, Trillium Software System will quickly resolve your immediate data quality needs and also scale and adapt to your evolving business, technology and data challenges.

  • Trillium Discovery – access, modify and manage data quality standards collaboratively with a web-based business rules center
  • Trillium Quality – cleanse, standardise, match and enrich customer, product and financial data, as well as any type of critical business information
  • Trillium Director – enable rapid deployment of real-time data quality for multiple systems, applications and platforms across your enterprise


The New Rules for Your Data Landscape

Everything about data is changing – its rate of growth, how it flows, and how it takes shape. Consequently, the division of labour around data is also changing. IT and the business represent a key partnership, but new tools and ways of thinking are empowering the business to do more.

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