Syncsort MFX for z/OS

High-performance sort for z-Systems

Slash mainframe CPU costs while optimising overall system efficiency

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High-Performance Sort for z-Systems

For more than 40 years, customers have benefited from Syncsort’s industry-leading mainframe sort technology to ensure the highest performance, efficiency and ease-of-use for their mainframe applications.

Syncsort MFX for z/OS delivers the fastest and most resource-efficient sort, copy, join technology available, and is the only z-Systems sort solution that offloads CPU cycles to zIIP engines. Syncsort MFX yields a significant ROI with a unique combination of:

  • High performance
  • Dynamic optimisation of system resources
  • Ease-of-use

Whether it’s processing big data or small data, we are impressed with MFX’s performance. It is fast as well as reliable, and makes it easy to write scripts.

– John Barron, Assistant Principal, Revenue Commissioners

We were previously using a DB2 select to complete processing, but this was taking about four to five hours to run. By using MFX’s Join Facility, the application takes about a half hour.

– Ed Chu, Database Administrator, ICBC Insurance

Superior Performance & Efficiency

Syncsort MFX improves z-Systems sort, copy, join performance while optimising overall system efficiency. Syncsort MFX significantly outperforms IBM’s system sort with:

  • Significantly reduced Elapsed time – up to 40%
  • Significantly reduced CPU time – up to 40%
  • Offload CPU cycles to zIIP engines
  • Utilize Parallel Processing for I/O with PAV
  • Parallel processing (PARASORT) for multiple tape volumes

Get More from Your zIIP Processors with the ZPSaver Suite

The ZPSaver Suite is a set of enhanced technologies for Syncsort MFX to offload Copy, SMS Compression and Sort processing to zIIP processors, effectively reducing the workload on the main CPU.

The ZPSaver Suite executes transparently with your current JCL and control statements and includes:

  • Copy in zIIP – Reduce Copy-related TCB CPU time by up to 90% and achieve up to 25% faster elapsed times
  • Compression in zIIP – Offload Sort & Copy of SMS compressed datasets to zIIP processors, saving up to 90% of TCB CPU time while meeting or exceeding required elapsed times
  • Sort in zIIP – Executes almost all sort steps on zIIP engines to reduce Sort related TCB CPU time by up to 95%

White Paper

Maximize the Performance of your Mainframe

Mainframe departments are continually pressured to  squeeze more value from their existing platform while freezing upgrade charges and not jeopardising CPU usage.

IBM & third-party vendors are faced with the challenge of alleviating these pressures, and allowing organisations to reap more value from rising data volumes with less stress over their Mainframe resources.

This paper outlines the ways in which Syncsort, a long-standing IBM partner, has worked to provide solutions to combat compromised CPU usage, freeing up resources to process more data with better results.

  • Reduce CPU time by up to 90%
  • Offload sort, copy, and compression workload into zIIP
  • Shorten elapsed time in FICON
  • And more!

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