Syncsort Ironstream Transaction Tracing

End-to-end transaction visibility from mobile to mainframe

Monitor service levels and improve user experience

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End-To-End Transaction Visibility from Mobile to Mainframe

Your most visible and strategic business services rely on transactions that originate on mobile or web-based platforms and connect to back-end applications on a mainframe.

You’re likely monitoring these services 24/7 for problems impacting response times and performance – but do you have the details you need to identify and fix problems when they arise on the mainframe?

Syncsort Ironstream Transaction Tracing correlates transactions initiated off the mainframe with CICS transactions and DB2 database activities on z/OS. It leverages Syncsort Ironstream to stream this data to leading operational analytics platforms, such as Splunk Enterprise and Splunk IT Service Intelligence, for advanced analytics and visualisation.

Video: An Introduction to Ironstream Transaction Tracing

White Paper

Tracing Transactions from Mobile to Mainframe

The growth of large-scale business services that incorporate web and mobile applications has exploded. These services – which include transactions that originate on a tablet, phone, etc. and connect to back-end applications hosted on the mainframe – tend to be very visible to customers, partners, executives and investors. Unacceptable response times and unreliable performance do not go unnoticed.

Wouldn’t it be great if organisations could easily track transactions for critical systems across their infrastructure and see exactly what happens on the mainframe?

Download this white paper to discover how your organisation can get deep insight into web-based and mobile transactions’ impact on the mainframe, enabling you to monitor and improve IT operations and application performance.

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