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Shed Light On Mainframe Operational Data

Mainframes power mission-critical applications throughout the enterprise, processing millions of transactions every day. However, many organisations are still flying blind, with no easy way to derive operational intelligence from the vast amounts of machine data generated by these critical systems.

Syncsort Ironstream helps you make sense of the massive machine data streams from your mainframe so you can search, analyze and visualise it with Splunk and:

What is Splunk?

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Measure Mainframe Operational Health in Real-Time

With Ironstream and Splunk software, you can finally measure the operational health of your mainframe:

  • Collect critical mainframe log data, such as SMF records (over 60 types), Syslog, SyslogD, RACF, Top Secret, Log4j, DB2 and more in real time
  • Translate, transform and prepare mainframe machine data for easier analysis
  • Securely forward into Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk Cloud for real-time operational intelligence and visualisation
  • Scale to billions of SMF records and SYSLOGs per day with minimum impact to your mainframe

White Paper

Using Mainframe Log Data for Operational Efficiency & Enhanced Security Across the Enterprise

New capabilities have emerged to help organisations manage security, compliance and operational efficiency.  Especially important is the way IT managers in the open-systems environment can now have easy, cost-effective access in real time to the wealth of operational and security data about their organiations that resides only on z/OS systems.

This whitepaper discusses the key sources of operational and security data in z/OS and how that data can be sent via Syncsort Ironstream to the Splunk operational intelligence platform. It discusses use cases such as:

  • Reducing mean-time-to resolution of system problems
  • Monitoring of security and regulatory compliance
  • Monitoring SLAs for execution of all batch job workloads
  • Monitoring security exposures within z/OS from the non-mainframe environment

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