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Harness the power of Big Data

Simplify access, integration and compliance for Hadoop & Apache Spark

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A Better Approach to Big Data

Syncsort DMX-h was designed from the ground up to make big data integration simple – combining a long history of innovation with significant contributions Syncsort has made to improve the Apache Hadoop open source project.

  • A single software environment for accessing and integrating all your enterprise data sources – batch and streaming – across Hadoop, Apache Spark, Linux, Unix or Windows – on premise or in the cloud
  • Software that evolves with the Hadoop ecosystem to keep you current without rewriting jobs or acquiring new skills – while managing, governing and securing the entire process
  • Industry-leading mainframe access and integration capabilities
  • An easy-to-use graphical interface with the flexibility to quickly extend the software for your unique needs

DMX-h is available for all major Hadoop distributions. There’s also a separate stand-alone version available for Linux, Unix, Windows platforms – check out Syncsort DMX ›

Video: Simplifying Your Modern Data Architecture

Awarded, Certified & Ready to Go


Build Your Enterprise Data Hub

Syncsort DMX-h makes it easy to collect raw data from every source across the enterprise and populate your data lake efficiently, reducing development time from weeks to days.

  • Collect virtually any data from any source, including JSON, Apache Kafka, Mainframe, NoSQL, Amazon S3, MPP and relational databases
  • Move hundreds of tables – including whole database schemas – into your data hub at once, with a single command
  • Access, re-format and load data directly into Avro & Parquet. No staging required
  • Load more data into Hadoop in less time. Let DMX-h dynamically split the data and load it to HDFS in parallel
  • Copy mainframe data into Hadoop and Apache Spark - in a mainframe format - and work with it like any other data source!


Turn Raw Data into Insight ... Fast

With DMX-h, you can quickly cleanse, blend and transform your data, giving it context, and allowing teams to achieve significant time and productivity savings.

  • Prepare your data on-the-fly at lightning speeds before loading into Hadoop
  • High-performance connectivity to Big Data and NoSQL databases, such as Cassandra, HBase & MongoDB
  • The fastest parallel loads to Amazon Redshift, Greenplum, Netezza, Oracle, Teradata and Vertica
  • Create Tableau and Qlikview files with one click
  • Subscribe, transform and enrich data from real-time Apache Kafka queues. Publish these enriched datasets to Kafka, simplifying the creation of real-time analytical applications by cleansing, pre-processing and transforming data in motion


Manage, Secure & Govern

Enjoy industrial-grade capabilities for your enterprise deployments with Syncsort DMX-h:

  • Manage: Full integration with Cloudera Manager and Apache Ambari
  • Secure: Native LDAP and Kerberos support, and integration with Apache Sentry and Apache Ranger
  • Govern: Cloudera Navigator certified plus tight integration with HCatalog for metadata management and data lineage
  • Work directly with mainframe data in its native format on Hadoop and Apache Spark – preserving data lineage


Design Once, Deploy Anywhere

Syncsort DMX-h offers an Intelligent Execution Layer that allows users to design sophisticated data transformations, focusing solely on business rules, not on the underlying platform or execution framework. With DMX-h you can:

  • Visually design your jobs once, and deploy them anywhere – MapReduce, Apache Spark, Linux, Unix, Windows – on premise or in the cloud. No changes or tuning required
  • Easily move applications from standalone server environments and from MapReduce to Spark – as easy as clicking on a drop-down menu
  • Future-proof job designs for emerging compute frameworks
  • Avoid tuning – Intelligent Execution dynamically creates an optimal execution plan at run-time based on the chosen compute framework
  • Insulate your users from the underlying complexities of Hadoop and utilise their existing ETL skills
  • Cut development time in half

White Paper

Modern Data Integration for Your Modern Data Architecture

Learn how Syncsort DMX-h simplifies the creation and management of end-to-end data integration and transformation processing to shorten time to value, while allowing your organisation to leverage existing data integration skill sets.

This white paper details how DMX-h improves developer productivity and the unique technologies that provide unmatched performance and scalability:

  • Insulates developers from needing to chase the bleeding edge of technologies as DMX-h keeps pace with the Big Data ecosystem
  • Natively supports a wide range of sources, targets, and data types, regardless of complexity, including streaming and mainframe
  • Facilitates the import of entire databases with hundreds of tables into Hadoop in a single job
  • Optimises the performance of choke point data processing tasks such as sorts and joins, without increasing infrastructure requirements

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