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A smarter approach to data integration

Collect, prepare, blend, transform & distribute data seamlessly

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A Smarter Approach to Data Integration

Syncsort DMX is full-featured data integration software that helps organisations collect, prepare, blend, transform and distribute more data in less time, with less money and fewer resources.

  • Process data 10x faster than other data integration solutions
  • Easily scale to support growing data volumes
  • Eliminate manual coding and performance tuning
  • Lower data integration TCO by up to 65%

DMX is available for Linux, Unix and Windows platforms. There’s also a separate version available for Hadoop –  check out Syncsort DMX-h ›

We generated a payback in just 18 months. We were able to show our client our willingness to invest in technology to continuously improve and actually lower their price. We couldn't have done this without Syncsort DMX.

– Ian Coupland, Operations Manager, Experian

It simply works! DMX is truly an unsung hero in our IT infrastructure. We have experienced zero downtime with DMX and are yet to raise a service call after nearly two years of continuous high-demand usage.

– Peter Chapman, SMART IS program manager, Co-operative


Easy Connectivity to All Your Business Systems

Syncsort DMX provides all the connectivity you need to collect data from virtually any business system – including files, databases, mainframe, cloud and Hadoop sources:

  • Files – Delimited Files, JSON, XML, Mainframe, Hadoop HDFS
  • Database – IBM DB2, Greenplum, SQL Server, Netezza, NoSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Teradata, Vertica, ODBC, JDBC
  • Cloud – Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Google Cloud Storage
  • Plus –, SAP/R3, IBM WebSphere MQ, Apache Kafka
  • And more...


Free Up Your Database

Underperforming ETL tools have forced many IT developers to push data preparation activities down to the database (also known as ELT), adding complexity and requiring massive investments in additional database capacity.

DMX brings all your data preparation needs into a high-performance, in-memory ETL engine:

  • Transformations are processed on the fly
  • Eliminate the need for costly database staging areas
  • No more push down to the database

Plus use DMX Data Funnel to move hundreds of tables – including whole database schemas – into flat files or even a different database platform, with a single command.


No Code to Create, Maintain or Tune

Blending data sources for new business insight - flat-file, mainframe, database - just got a whole lot faster and easier.

Conventional data integration tools require constant tuning to maintain performance SLAs. In contrast, DMX is the only data integration tool with a Smart ETL Optimiser which:

  • Dynamically selects the most efficient path for data blending using a library of hundreds of smart algorithms
  • Automatically adapts and optimises the workflow to deliver maximum performance with minimum CPU and memory utilisation
  • Delivers up to 10x faster elapsed processing times than conventional data integration tools
  • Delivers up to 25x faster performance than hand-coding approaches


Design Once, Deploy Anywhere

Syncsort DMX offers an Intelligent Execution Layer that allows users to design sophisticated data transformations, focusing solely on business rules, not on the underlying platform or execution framework. With DMX you can:

  • Visually design data transformations once, and run anywhere
  • Deploy the same ETL data flows on virtually any platform – Windows, Linux, Unix – on premises or in the Cloud without any application changes
  • You can even deploy the same transformations to Hadoop or Apache Spark, when you’re ready for it
  • Achieve sustainable performance with no changes or tuning required
  • Future-proof your applications


Take the Fast Path from Raw Data to Insight

Syncsort DMX delivers a complete, end-to-end approach to prepare, blend, transform and distribute data. DMX makes it easier than ever to distribute your data by loading aggregated datasets to all major MPP appliances or directly feeding it to your favorite data visualisation tool.

  • Create Tableau & Qlikview files with one click
  • Fastest parallel loads to Greenplum, Netezza, Teradata, Vertica, Oracle and more
  • High-performance connectivity to Big Data & NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, Hbase & MongoDB

White Paper

Take a Detailed Look at the Technology Inside DMX

Learn how Syncsort DMX can help you collect and process more data, in less time, and with fewer resources. No coding, no tuning, just faster data integration.

This white paper covers how DMX improves developer productivity and details the unique technologies that provide unmatched performance and scalability:

  • Patented Algorithms
  • Direct I/O for faster data transfers
  • High-performance compression
  • Dynamic self-tuning optimiser
  • Hybrid multi-threading, multi-process engine

Take a technical deep dive into the fastest ETL software in the market.

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