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StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager

Today’s applications depend on uninterrupted delivery of timely and trustworthy data, but current approaches for managing data movement deprive users of much needed visibility and hands-on control.

StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager enables enterprises to harness their data in motion. It unifies visibility and control of dataflows, which reduces management costs, improves data quality and enables IT agility.

  • Map dataflows to topologies and business processes, manage releases and track changes in topologies over time
  • Measure and establish baselines for end-to-end and point-in-flow KPI’s for data availability and accuracy
  • Master dataflow operations by creating Data SLA’s and detecting and remediating violations

StreamSets Data Collector

This award-winning open source software allows you to easily build and deploy complex any-to-any dataflows. Featuring a graphical IDE, runtime dataflow metrics and automated handling of data drift.

  • Efficiency - Design and deploy complex ingest pipelines with minimal custom coding
  • Control - Monitor and act on data availability and data quality issues
  • Agility - Operate dataflows continuously in the face of constant change

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White Paper

Taming Data Drift: The Silent Killer of Data Integrity

The emergence of big data has created tremendous opportunities for businesses to gain real-time insights and make more informed decisions by leveraging data from the exploding number of digital systems they have in use.

However, as is often the case with disruptive technologies, the innovations behind big data have created a critical problem - one that we call data drift.

This white paper discusses the causes of data drift, its technical and business implications, and how StreamSets Data Collector provides an open source solution to address data drift and combat real-world business issues such as:

  • Unreliable data
  • False insights
  • Loss of Agility

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