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In Focus: Syncsort DMX Secure Repository Passwords

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Helping to secure login credentials for database, cloud, mainframe and message queue connections, Syncsort DMX offers a secure repository where you can store multiple password and secret key values, giving each item a user-specified name.

Step 1: Define a password or secret key value

While designing DMX tasks, you can then use any repository item in the connection credentials for your source and target business systems. At runtime, DMX will retrieve the password associated with the selected item from the repository.

Step 2: Select the repository password for a database connection

That means all your passwords are securely stored on the server and not within your job and task files. It also means you can easily migrate DMX jobs from say a development server to a production server (which is almost certain to require different connection passwords) without any changes to your job files.

For those who prefer to use DOS/Linux shell scripts for orchestrating and scheduling their DMX jobs, there's also a handy dmxrepositorymanager command line utility that let's you add, delete, merge and view secure repository passwords or secret keys from within your scripts.

Current DMX users should refer to the topic "Secure Repository passwords" in the DMX Help from Release 9.07 (or later) for more information.

Syncsort DMX

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