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Get Service-Centric Insights from Mainframe Systems

Friday, March 3, 2017

In these days of social media and 24x7 news cycles, an outage in a single customer facing business service such as online banking can rapidly escalate into a storm of bad publicity and outrage for the company involved. However, those of us who've spent any time working in enterprise IT know that modern multi-platform systems like online banking are comprised of many moving parts: firewalls, load balancers, web servers, mainframes, middle-tier and back-end software to name a few.

This makes discovering the root cause of a problem and then fixing it an increasingly complex and time consuming task. Forward-thinking organisations know that monitoring and alerting across every system is key to getting out in front of service problems before the customers even notice there's anything amiss.

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is a next-generation monitoring and analytics solution for distributed systems that uses machine learning and event analytics to deliver insights into the operational health of critical IT services and their underlying infrastructure. The software presents dashboards that track key performance indicators (KPIs) for business applications and platforms with alerting for threshold breaches. Dashboards can be tailored for different constituencies within your organisation and show the performance and availability of services both in real time and as trends. For instance, senior management monitors key business processes; application and platform owners oversee the health of their environments; and administrators track the enterprise network.

Syncsort's IT Service Intelligence for Mainframe solution (powered by Syncsort Ironstream) extends the capabilities of Splunk ITSI to include mainframe system metrics for a true end-to-end view of critical business services spanning both mainframe and distributed systems. It collects z/OS log data (i.e., Syslog, Syslog D, SMF, RMF, Log4j, SYSOUT) and other information on mainframe operations, and streams it to Splunk in real time.

This means even IT staff who are inexperienced with mainframe systems can now:

  • Be alerted to unusually high CPU utiliation
  • See what’s causing delays in CICS transaction processing operations
  • Monitor individual transactions for response times and failures
  • See if DB2 databases are performing within acceptable limits
  • Understand when critical services are being impacted

Like to learn more on how service-centric insights from mainframe systems can benefit your organisation? Watch a 5-minute video or download the eBook on our IT Service Intelligence for Mainframe solution page.

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