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Friday, September 1, 2017

It's been said that data is the new oil — a valuable asset that can be used to generate revenue or monetised directly.

It certainly powered the rise of the world's largest tech companies, which led enterprises in more traditional industries to change how they think about data — not just in isolation, within single lines of business — but holistically.

The Data Supply Chain

Just as physical supply chains powered the manufacturing era, the data supply chain is the new organising principle in the age of big data. The data supply chain describes how to produce the right information product for an information consumer at the right time through the right channels.

The Data Product

The data product is the consumable of the data supply chain. If a collection of data is important, it must be documented and managed just like a product and its quality validated for the data’s intended purpose.

Data Quality

Viewing data an asset, it follows that the business must govern the data to ensure it's understood and trusted. This means proactively finding and solving data quality problems so that the data is accurate, to increase business users trust and confidence in the data.

Different parts of an organisation will have different data quality requirements. For example:

  • Marketing wants to effectively target customers and prospects across multiple channels, so they need to match and merge records, eliminate duplicates, validate address, and enrich customer data
  • Finance must comply with financial reporting requirements, which means they're looking for assessments of accuracy, consistency checks, and audit trails

With the right tools, organisations can develop data supply chains that incorporate data integration, data quality, and data governance to produce trusted data products that generate direct business value.

Download the new eBook: The New Rules for Your Data Landscape and learn how business users and IT can work together to build trusted data products in the data supply chain.

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