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Get End-to-End Transaction Visibility from Mobile to Mainframe

We all know the convenience and simplicity of online transacting for banking, bill payment and purchasing is hard to beat. As the digital economy expands, the availability and response time - or user experience of online business services is now a highly visible metric of customer satisfaction. According to a recent US study, Americans are now spending a full day (ie. 24 hours) online per week.

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Splunk + Ironstream for Real-Time Mainframe Insights

Mainframes power mission-critical applications across the enterprise, processing millions of transactions every day. So it's no surprise the ability to obtain real-time security insights and operational intelligence from z/OS mainframe systems is generating a lot of buzz at the moment – especially among banking, finance and insurance organisations. The powerful combination of Splunk + Ironstream is the premier solution in this space...

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Get Service-Centric Insights from Mainframe Systems

In these days of social media and 24x7 news cycles, an outage in a single customer facing business service such as online banking can rapidly escalate into a storm of bad publicity and outrage for the company involved. Those of us who've spent any time working in IT know that modern multi-platform systems like online banking are comprised of many moving parts...

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Delivering the Missing Piece of the SIEM Enterprise Security Puzzle

Here’s a little corporate security scenario for you: What if Peter’s building swipe card is used at corporate headquarters in Melbourne, but Peter simultaneously logs into a desktop PC in the Sydney office? I think most people would agree that a security alert should be raised and the situation investigated fairly quickly.

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How Organisations Can Improve Mainframe Security & Compliance

Customer's have always seen security and availability as key strengths of the IBM z/OS Mainframe platform, and that's exactly why it's often used by large organisations to power mission-critical parts of their IT infrastructure. But given endless security threats and cyber-attacks from inside and outside the organisation, as well as escalating regulatory requirements it doesn't pay to be complacent...

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On-Demand Webinar: Get Mainframe Security Intelligence in Real Time

Tracing the path of a single customer transaction in a large enterprise is a lot more complex than most people realise. The customer order may start out on the company website, then travel across various network links to a relational database server, on to the mainframe for account processing, then finally to an application server for fulfilment. What happens when it’s your job to find out where and why the transaction was delayed?

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