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Meeting the Challenge of Mainframe Data on Hadoop

Experience and customer feedback tell us that working with mainframe data sets on Hadoop and Apache Spark isn't easy, but the amazing array of customer and transactional data sets stored on the mainframe makes it crucial for successful big data analytics and machine learning initiatives. That's why it's time to liberate your mainframe data for better business insight.

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Simplify Big Data Development with a Design Once, Deploy Anywhere Solution

It's certainly not a new refrain, but in recent years IT managers are increasingly being told to do more with less – even as the number of new projects and requirements increase. Data is the fuel that powers most new business initiatives, but each project needs a slightly different blend of data sources and data formats. Clearly data integration and ETL development can be a bottle-neck....

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A Simple, No-Coding Approach for Ingesting Data into Hadoop

The sheer variety of different data sources in the modern enterprise can be a bit overwhelming - traditional databases, NoSQL databases, mainframe, message queues, cloud services - the list goes on. Ideally you want to ingest many (most!) of these data sets into Hadoop, because if the data's not in Hadoop then you can't utilise all the amazing capabilities of the Hadoop ecosystem.

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Simplify Apache Spark & Kafka Integration with Syncsort DMX-h v9

The latest version of Syncsort’s flagship data integration and ETL software for Hadoop - Syncsort DMX-h v9 is now shipping. It offers plenty of great new features and performance improvements, but today we’re going to focus on two of the standouts - Apache Spark and Kafka integration...

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Meeting the Challenge of Mainframe Data Access with Hadoop

Our good friend Arnie Farrelly, VP of Global Support and Services at Syncsort was recently interviewed over at the Syncsort Blog. Arnie's always been a great supporter of Keylink and our customers in Australia and New Zealand. He's in constant contact with customers and partners globally, so he definitely has his finger on the pulse of all the various use cases for Hadoop adoption around the world. Arnie had a great answer to the question...

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Hadoop Perspectives for 2016: The Rise of Apache Spark

Over the last six months Apache Spark has risen to become the most active open source project in Big Data, and the results from Syncsort’s second annual Hadoop Market Adoption Survey certainly back that up. Over 250 IT decision-makers were surveyed on topics like the hottest compute frameworks, the top uses and the biggest benefits of Hadoop.

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Break the Barriers to Big Data Insights

Our customers see access to next-generation analytics as a key driver for introducing Hadoop in their organisation. But step one is to get data from existing business systems into Hadoop quickly and cost-effectively. Here are two companies meeting the challenge head-on...

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